Our History

In 1960, St. Raphael School opened its door as a Catholic elementary parish school in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Since the school began, the congregation of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has served the school community of St. Raphael. Even today the sisters continue to share with students, faculty, staff and parents the love and compassion of Jesus.

In 2004, St. Raphael became a diocesan school, forming the Cathedral Education Cluster with the other five Catholic elementary schools in Bridgeport. In 2013 it joined with St. Augustine School to form the Lower and Upper Schools of the Cathedral Academy.

In 2015, we became part of the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport
, while still retaining its unique identity and school culture. The Catholic Academy is a welcoming community comprising four different campuses: St. Raphael Academy (PreK–3), along with sister schools St. Andrew Academy (PreK–8), St. Ann Academy (PreK–8) and St. Augustine Academy (Grade 4–8). While each campus celebrates its individual heritage and traditions, all are united through common values and the vision of a bright future for as many deserving children as possible.

Serving nearly 1,000 preschool through middle school students throughout the city of Bridgeport, the Catholic Academy schools provide a Christ-centered, academically rigorous learning environment where cultural diversity is welcomed and celebrated.