Our balanced literacy approach includes direct instruction in reading, writing and working with words. The scaffold approach to teaching reading includes read-alouds, guided reading instruction, and both shared and independent reading at differentiated levels. Literature circles are used to discuss selected texts, teach strategies, and foster personal satisfaction from reading a good book. The Writing Process is taught as students create their own literary pieces in different genres. English grammar is also emphasized within the literacy block. Spelling and vocabulary are taught at all grade levels in age-appropriate ways, and phonics instruction is formally given in the primary classrooms. 


The Mathematics program aims to give all students a thorough education in computation and concepts. Teachers are guided by a curriculum map so that concepts are taught in a sequence that builds on previous skills and most benefits each student. Drill practice with basic facts, problem-solving techniques, and use of manipulatives also helps the students to develop a greater facility in math.


Science classes give children exposure to life, physical and earth sciences. Students learn to observe and analyze the world around them in an enjoyable way, increasing in complexity as they move through the program. In our new science lab, students enjoy a specially designed environment that encourages hand-on experiments.

Social Studies

Instruction in history, civics, government, communities and geography are all part of our Social Studies curriculum. Younger students learn about family and neighborhoods, good citizenship, and holidays and special civic events; this foundation is extended as students learn about American history and government, world history, and related geography and skills.


The Religion curriculum encompasses intellectual, social and ethical development. It is based on the four pillars of the Catholic Church (Faith, Celebrating Christian Mystery, Life in Christ and Christian Prayer). Through their coursework, students are encouraged to learn more about themselves and the world.


Math Student


Older Student