School Meals

Milk/Juice Program

The Milk/Juice Program is required of all students in grades PreK–3. Parents are required to pay a fee and students receive milk or juice each day at lunchtime.

Lunch Options: Bring or Buy

Lunch is served on all school days including on early dismissal days. Students in all grades may bring lunch or buy lunch.

Peanut-Free Policy

Since St. Raphael is a peanut-free school, peanut butter and peanut products are not permitted in school. Specific details about what is offered for lunch is sent home at the beginning of the school year. Ice cream or snacks may also be purchased each day. Students are asked to bring their lunch in a paper bag or lunch box.
Not Permitted
Breakable thermoses are not permitted in school. Lunches from fast-food restaurants are not permitted. Lunches brought from home cannot be heated or microwaved in school.